Tips for earning gold in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

WoW is an active and dynamically developing project with a 20-year history, which has gone through a stage of development from hardcore to a lighter format with an emphasis on action and fast leveling.


If before World of Warcraft gold you had to farm for many hours in locations and complete quests, and professions did not bring benefits other than equipping your own hero, then in the Dragonflight update everything has changed.


An important change was the introduction of an order table, through which artisans can fulfill player requests for crafting and earn gold from it, which greatly changed the value of professions and returned the relevance of crafting in general.


Previously, many players simply ignored the format of obtaining resources and converting them into items and paid attention to raids, where, although with a chance, you can get ready-made equipment for your hero. Now a profession is an excellent source of gold, which you can get even without spending your resources, but also by upgrading your craft further and mastering specializations.




The first and easiest way to get gold is to complete the tasks that Blizzard offers you as part of studying the history of Azeroth and training newcomers.


These are tasks that will gradually teach you game mechanics.


You will be asked to destroy monsters, communicate with NPCs, collect resources from which to begin learning professions, and will tell you the tools they need.


Quests are good because they themselves select the type of content and character development instead of the player, and the gamer just has to follow the recommendations correctly and come to the desired location.


Gradually, you will learn to look out for all the quests that can be completed in one game location - usually they require killing different monsters, but this way you can clear out all the enemies much more efficiently and profitably and get not only WoW gold and resources from them, but also a reward for everything quests.


The main advantage of quests of any type and level is the progress of your game character and the rapid increase in gold in your wallet.




Grind is a format for exterminating monsters, which becomes your main activity.


Fortunately, the territories of Azeroth consist of zones and locations that included regular updates, and with the release of new ones, they simply become another zone where quests and leveling up in locations are available.


You can grind in the icy territories of the Lich King, the Cataclysm Wasteland, the dark lands of the Shadowlands to get level 60 and move on to the Dragonflight update, where you will already have access to new types of resources and the ability to interact with the order table to earn WoW gold from your crafting professions.


Try to focus your hunt on quest locations and, if you can, form groups with other players.


This will help you kill a huge number of monsters and collect rewards and World of Warcraft Dragonflight gold, which will be divided among all group members. Even under such conditions, this is a profitable process, because your grind will be safe from enemies and representatives of the enemy faction.


Try to focus your hunt on quest locations and, if you can, form groups with other players.


This will help you kill a huge number of monsters and collect rewards and World of Warcraft Dragonflight gold, which will be divided among all group members. Even under such conditions, this is a profitable process, because your grind will be safe from enemies and representatives of the enemy faction.


For an ideal and profitable hunt, your group must have a tank to control monsters and keep them on you in large numbers.


You need a healer who will maintain the overall health of the group during grinding and PVP if it suddenly starts.


Choose the rest of the classes at your discretion - they should be able to quickly kill monsters and since you are playing with a tank, the damage should preferably be massive, because this is the only way you can realize the potential of the entire squad and quickly level up with the accumulation of resources and cheap gold in World of Warcraft.


Job system


If you love grinding and collecting resources in order to fully provide your hero with the necessary equipment and weapons in the future and simply master the order table on the Dragon Islands in order to carry out orders from clients and earn WoW Dragonflight gold without even going into the danger zone.


To do this, you need to choose two related professions, one will help you collect resources, and the second will transform them into goods for yourself and sale to other players at the auction.


It’s worth immediately clarifying that there are three professions available to all players without fixing a slot - these are fishing, cooking and archeology, and it is advisable to study them all, because not all players are interested in them, and you can additionally receive food with enhancements and reagents without any special costs on your part.


Next, consider the following combinations for your gold earnings:

  • Mining + Forge - working with heavy armor and steel weapons, collecting ore and precious stones, installing sockets for inserting unique enhancements from jewelers. You also craft many tools for all professions and enhance their characteristics.

  • Skinning + Leatherworking - Skin and process skins to craft light armor, leather goods, and bows and other ranged weapons.

  • Tailoring + Inscription - tailors do not require a special profession to collect resources for crafting, they get everything in battle, and inscription is needed for crafting blueprints and magic staves, which is great for attackers and auxiliary casters.

  • Mining and Engineering - Collect ore and transform it into mechanisms with special attack and auxiliary effects, such as turrets that will attack your enemies.

  • Herbalism + alchemy is the advanced creation of various attacking and auxiliary potions, thanks to which your character will restore or generate his health.


Fishing - You can buy a fishing rod and fish literally anywhere where there is access to water, but the type of fish will be different and sometimes, to find a truly valuable catch, you will have to go through the locations. Remember that in many territories the peace zone effect will not apply and if you are not careful, you will be attacked either by representatives of the enemy faction or by monsters who are not in one place and patrol the territory.


You will receive fish for cooking and strengthening heroes, and special fish for grinding into reagents to use in inscription, or alchemy, or simply sell to other artisans.


Cooking - You can get meat from hunting and fish from fishing and use them to prepare different dishes that will increase different characteristics and the higher your level as a cook, the more tasty and healthy recipes you will cook and the effect of the food will last longer. Professional chefs prepare full-fledged feasts for a large number of players, which is especially important in raids and large-scale PVP for control of territories.


Archeology is an additional profession and activity that will allow you to better study the World of Warcraft Dragonflight, its history and at the same time unlock achievements that will open up additional passive effects or riding mounts for your movement.


Conclusions on earning gold in WoW Dragonflight


Gold is the key game currency for which weapons and armor are purchased, resources for crafting are stocked, and goods and services are paid for from NPCs and other players.


It is advisable to master two types of professions in the Dragonflight update, because this will help you prepare for the order table system and start earning gold by completing orders for players who do not want to deal with crafting.


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