Squad 3.0 Update Launches Amphibious Assault

Wolferatus (22. June 2022 21:34 )

Squad 3.0 Update Launches Amphibious Assault With New Playable Faction, Map, and Game Features

Squad’s latest free update launches today bringing amphibious assault vehicles, a brand new massive map, music, and an additional faction, the marine forces, to Offworld Industries’ 50 versus 50 multiplayer shooter.

Vancouver, Canada — June 22, 2022 | Today, Offworld Industries releases Amphibious Assault, the latest free update for their large-scale combined arms multiplayer first-person shooter, Squad. With a new faction, map, music, and game features, Amphibious Assault is the largest update released yet for the rapidly growing community of Squad players.  

In this new update, marines forces join the fight as a new player faction, lending their legendary expertise with amphibious combined arms tactics and vehicles. Players using this new faction will have access to seven new vehicles and five new weapons, creating an entirely new range of tactics for Squad players to use and defend against.

Squad’s new map, Black Coast, which is set on the windy coastal hills of the Black Sea, highlights new amphibious gameplay with attackers launching their assault from a massive oceanbound aircraft carrier to secure beachhead forward operating bases. Amphibious Assault also adds a new amphibious-focused training ground map and updates five current Squad maps to use the new gameplay feature. The newly added feature completely changes how Squad players engage with previously unpassable terrain, changing the defensive and offensive strategies of experienced Squad players.  As part of the update, a selection of vehicles from other factions have also been upgraded with amphibious capabilities.

To round out the update, Squad players will be hearing a brand new track and see in-game environmental features like mud accumulating on uniforms, to deepen immersion in this team-based tactical experience. 

To celebrate this new update, Squad is discounted by 33% in the Steam Summer Sale. Squad is currently available for PC on Steam.

Update Features: 

  • New Faction: marine forces - This brand new faction to Squad focuses on amphibious assault and combined arms tactics. 
    • Seven Faction Vehicles: RHIB Watercraft, M1151 Light Jeep, MATV Armored Car, AAVP7-A1 Armored Personnel Carrier, LAV-25A2 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle, M1A1 Main Battle Tank, UH1Y Transport Helicopter
    • Five New Weapons: Including the  M16A4 Full Length Rifle, M4 Carbine Rifle, SMAW Anti Tank, M9 Pistol, and Fragmentation Grenade
  • Amphibious Assault: Previously impassable river and ocean terrain can now be crossed. Vehicles with amphibious capabilities can traverse bodies of deep water expanding players' tactical and strategic options
  • New Map: Black Coast
    • Black Coast is set on the rocky, windswept shores of the Black Sea. Nestled between foothills and fertile farmland, the gameplay of Squad's newest map will focus on amphibious power. Defenders must repel the invaders and prevent forces from securing a beachhead for further military operations.This map features an aircraft carrier main base focused on highlighting the new amphibious mechanics.
  • Five Updated Maps: Existing maps with new amphibious features enabled:
    • Narva
    • Albasrah
    • Skorpo
    • Fallujah
    • Goose bay
  • New Training Map: Welcome to the Pacific Proving Grounds.

  • Getting Dirty: Mud will now accumulate on the front of players' uniforms.
  • New main menu music: A brand new track from Squad composer Scott Tobin
  • Canadian Vehicles: the update adds Coyote Recon Vehicle and CH146 Transport Helicopter to the Canadian Armed Forces Faction
  • Amphibious Vehicles: The following vehicles are now amphibious:
    • BRDM2 Armored Car (RUS/MEA/MIL/INS)
    • BMP2 IFV (RUS/MEA)

About Offworld 

Offworld Industries was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate game modders on a mission to build a full-game version of the Project Reality mod. Now an acclaimed independent studio with more than 100 team members, Offworld is responsible for the ongoing development of the hit FPS shooter Squad, WW1 Trench Warfare title Beyond the Wire, and is the publisher of FPS title Post Scriptum.

Having sold well over two million copies of Squad, Offworld looks to the future with a focus on bringing players together in experiences where they must rely on teamwork in order to compete, in both existing and in-development titles.

For more information about Offworld, please visit: https://www.offworldindustries.com/

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