Chilling ‘Trenches’ WW1 Survival Horror Out Today

Wolferatus (20. January 2023 17:03 )


Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War

Price $9.99 €9.41
Release Date Jan 20th
Platforms XB PS4/5 Switch

Genre Survival horror

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with developer Steelkrill Studio, announce the WW1 survival horror experience Trenches released today 20th January. Reased on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, priced at $9.99 €9/99, its atmospheric setting is a stark reminder of a period that will send chills down your spine!

Trenches - Trailer

Features and Gameplay Elements Include:

  • Randomised actions and scares
  • Every changing setting, puzzles and challenges.
  • Freedom to explore
  • Lots of objectives to find
  • Two game modes
  • Surprises galore...

About Ratalaika Games:

Ratalaika Games S.L. is a video game company focused on publishing & porting great games to the console market.

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