’Evil Diary’ Out Today

Emanuela (24. November 2023 18:49 )

Ratalaika Games' Frantic Action Shooter, Evil Diary, is Out Now!
Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch and PC


Evil Diary takes place in an alternate 1997 where three years ago aliens attacked the planet, reducing New York City to ruins. People and animals were transformed into hideous, bloodthirsty creatures.

Players assume the role of Eve and fight their way through evil and grotesque hordes, whilst trying to survive long enough to find sanctuary in the safe zone.

Features & Facts

  • The game takes 1-2 hours to complete and is fully linear in progression
  • 32 Combat Levels
  • Heavy metal music
  • Monsters galore
  • Stylish pixel art
  • Grotesque enemy designs and intricate details in the levels
  • Compelling Story
  • Two additional character skins to unlock

Evil Diary is an epic dark top-down action shooter not to be overlooked! One woman's journey as she faces off against hordes of mutated monsters trying to reach safety in a post-apocalyptic, ruined New York.


About Ratalaika Games

Ratalaika Games S.L. is a video game company focused on publishing & porting great games to the console market.

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