The Fate of Baldr Work in Progress artwork

Emanuela (28. November 2023 09:08 )

The Fate of Baldr Work in Progress artwork


"Concept art for worlds and creatures from our upcoming game "The Fate of Baldr", an action tower defense game blending Norse mythology and Scifi. 

Take control of a Viking space warrior on a mission to save the great god Baldr and prevent the doom of Ragnarök!"

Alvheim: "Alvheim: A mesmerizing yet perilous jungle planet. Explore its enchanting beauty, but beware the hidden dangers. Don't be lured by the alluring scents of its flowers."

Vanaheim: "Vanaheim: Deep in its mystical forest, a shaman goddess performs ancient rituals. Be cautious of the sentient trees!"

Svartalvheim: "Svartalvheim: Once the proud home of dark elves, now a barren wasteland of sharp rocks and toxic pits. A tormented demigod toils below, crafting cruel weaponry."

Thurs: "Thurs: Fierce creatures dwelling beneath the surface of Midgardmun, fiercely protecting their lunar realm. Not the brightest, but their loyalty is unwavering."

Dragur: "Draugr: Undead Viking warriors, resurrected by the ruthless goddess of death, Hel. Relentless and unyielding, they fight to the bitter end."

Stone Guardian: "Sunstone Guardian: A one-eyed troll slumbers beneath the surface of Midgard's moon, guarding the ancient Sunstone with his life. Dare to challenge him, and he'll crush you without hesitation."

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