Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands


Skiing, enjoying the snow or listening to bands playing the trumpet, what more could you want to find some relaxation? And that's exactly what the open world game from developer Toppluva AB and publisher Microids offers. In my review I tried out the PC version and would like to introduce you to this little indie game.

Open world in a snow paradise

Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands offers 12 different winter stations that can be explored freely. Whether you ski or snowboard, you always set the pace yourself. Take a lift and discover the areas in your own way, find trials and complete challenges to get ski passes that will gradually unlock the lifts that reveal new paths.

Things to know and controls

Once you have explored a map completely or unlocked all lifts, you can travel to a new ski area. For each new area you unlock, you will also receive helpful information that tells something about the new winter station.  The controls themselves take a bit of getting used to at the beginning, but after a short play-in (about 5-10 min) it runs very smoothly. Whether on skis or on a snowboard, the controls are always the same. I would recommend a controller, at least it was much easier and more relaxed for me. 

Dangers and lost items

There are always dangers in the winter areas, for example, avalanches can take you off the slope and sabotage your challenge. There are also crevasses, trees and other obstacles that can lead you off the path. If you like to explore or keep your eyes open, you can find many useful objects, such as a backpack that allows you to switch between skiing and snowboarding.




Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is a really nice game that can be enjoyed at leisure without feeling time pressure, the varied challenges are simple and yet challenging in their own way. The open world offers a lot to discover and, thanks to ZEN mode, can be explored without any challenges or passes. You can switch between skiing and snowboarding at any time, or participate in specific disciplines like slaloms or big air. It's even possible to enjoy the game in Local Online mode with up to three other friends, where you can bump into each other during races or even throw snowballs at your opponents or go exploring together. Thanks to Remote Play Together on Steam, it is even possible to invite your friends without owning the game. However, this mode is still in beta and may not run very well/stably.

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