Godlike Burger


On 21.04.2022 you can flip burgers again, but in a completely different way, because developer Liquid Pug and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have come up with something very special. I was allowed to preview the game on Steam and would like to tell you something about it.

Would you like a bit of cannibalism?

Hmm, how that sizzles in the galaxy, but I don't want to try it, do I? Nah, I'd rather not.  Welcome to Godlike Burger, the popular family recipe restaurant, exclusive to our alien clientele. No cows, pigs or chickens are guaranteed to be slaughtered here, as a crazed chef, I stand by my name. In my restaurant the meat is freshly prepared, I personally take care of that with my hatchet. Come closer, take a seat or occupy yourself with our slot machines or other curiosities, while I ... er pardon, cook for you.  We get very positive reviews every day, in fact they are so positive that some guests never leave the restaurant again, at least not the way they entered.

Grinding for coal

In Godlike Burger you need a lot of money, so grinding can't be avoided, because we have to pay rent, buy ingredients for our burgers and of course put a bunch of money into upgrades, traps and improvements, as well as pay travel fees to other planets. Every now and then we also have to bribe the police, after all they are supposed to take our victims ... I mean guests, of course ... not scare them away. Without guests, no burgers, without burgers, no money and without money, no restaurant.

Upgrades and traps

We can upgrade our character when we have earned enough money, for this we have a computer in the office, there we can also buy ingredients and special sauces as well as information about potential victims ... oh I mean again ... I mean guests, of course ... which can be very useful in the course of the game. There are alien races that are immune to the axe and various traps. We can upgrade the kitchen by buying more stoves or improving the fridge that keeps the poor victims fresh when they die, but we also need to strengthen our hatchet, buy more lives and make the meat grinder faster. In addition, there are many attractions in our restaurant that we can buy, improve and manipulate in our favor so that we can focus on the essential, which is our satisfied guests.  How is this possible? We can, for example, equip the toilet with traps and upgrade it so that it automatically collects the poor guests for us when they croak.

Game Over, Baby

Godlike Burger is anything but a simple time management game, because if we are caught killing a guest, a commotion could cause us to croak as well, then it's still Game Over, Baby and back to Day 1 even on Day 27. Godlike Burger is a mixture of Rogue-Like and Time Management, where we can lose a lot very quickly. So it is advisable to always put the money in the safe, even if we lose 20% in the process. The refrigerator upgrade could be useful for meat reserves, which means we still have resources on higher planets to at least provide more variety the next day. We don't lose any upgrades or already unlocked outfits, but in order to unlock the last outfit, for example, we have to start all over again, so we kind of hope that we survive 100 days this time. If we have completed previous quests that are needed to be able to travel to other planets, we also have to earn them again.




I love time management games, especially the old Big Fish games were always fun. Godlike Burger is a good alternative that is addictive, even though the level design hardly changes and the gameplay is quite repetitive. But you just can't stop. At the beginning the game was quite challenging and I couldn't even get past the third day, the more I played the better I got, so by now I've already survived over 60 days and could afford some upgrades as well as traps. Still, getting money is a matter of saving and grinding, because we have a total of 11 planets at our disposal, all of which more or less have their own challenges, such as zombie invasions, meteor hail and much more. In addition, we earn more money depending on the planet, but the costs for us are also higher. New species want higher quality products, the rents cost more and should we prefer to travel to another planet, this costs money again and every time we want to visit a planet, even if we were already there, here up to 8000 coins are needed, simply traveling back and forth is not. However, as I said, you can still have a lot of fun, for example, I've already gambled more than 15 hours in the first planet without losing interest, because every day is different and it's incredibly fun to improve your traps and eliminate the victims in different ways to turn them into tasty burgers. I can therefore highly recommend Godlike Burger, especially if you like rogue-lite and time management games.

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