Expeditions: Rome - Death or Glory

The first DLC for "Expeditions: Rome" was released recently and brings the gladiators into the game. In my review I would like to tell you a little bit about the new DLC.


New class and abilities:

In Death or Glory you can expect the new Gladiator class, which comes with three new abilities and 24 class abilities, of which especially the third ability sounds very interesting, because it focuses on the morale of the enemies and weakens them, in which the enemies are panicked, causing them to make more mistakes, which can even bring extreme consequences, which in turn are very effective for your gladiators, in which they in most cases take the death blow.

No need to start over

If you have already played through the game or are still in the middle of it, you don't need to start a new game for the DLC, you can simply access the DLC in a game you have already started by accepting the arena invitation, in a game you have already completely finished, you can select the gladiator mode directly in the start menu. The latter works even if you haven't played the story of the main game, but I recommend you at least complete the tutorial before venturing into the DLC.

Arena battles and weapons

As the name suggests "Death or Glory", you'll fight in repeatable arena battles for the Champion title and must defeat your opponents before they defeat you. The fights themselves proceed as usual, the only thing that changes is that you'll be in an arena full of traps that you can make in your favor. Apart from the new Scissor weapon, you can now craft your own armor with the help of building guides or earn Champion versions through victories, defeating numerous new gladiator enemy types.   




Those who already had great fun with the main game will also like the expansion " Death or Glory". The DLC brings you a new game class, the gladiator, with a total of 24 class abilities. The combat system hasn't changed much, but in the arena you can now use the traps in your favor to inflict more damage on your enemies, but at the same time they pose an increased danger to you. You fight not only against other slaves or gladiators, but also against animals. The atmosphere is very well done, you can hear the audience cheering, which makes for a good atmosphere, but unfortunately the arena is otherwise quite empty. It took me just under 3 hours for the first run through, depending on the difficulty you complete the DLC in, it could be less or longer. I enjoyed the DLC, however I feel 10€ is a bit expensive and would wait for a sale, as you also hardly do anything else except fight, it gets a bit repetitive.

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