Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage


On 01.06.2022 the multiplayer of "Destroy All Humans!" was released, which is available for free as a pre-order for "Destroy All Humans! 2" or can be purchased separately for just under 13€, but is the game even worth it for the small price?


Imposed data collection

At the beginning of the game you have to accept the collection of player data, it is only collected data, how you play, but this is mandatory and can not be deselected. What I personally already do not find good. If you do not agree, the game is not playable, so it is forced data collection.  

No players in multiplayer

Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage has been out for a month and has absolutely no players, which means you can only play the game if you have friends playing with you in local or online mode. Through remote play together, only one of you really needs the game, yet it's a shame that there simply isn't a playerbase and you can't start a solo round either, so you have to rely on friends, family and the like.

Everything unlocked

Whether characters or maps, everything is already unlocked in the game, so you can freely choose all the skins that were also included in Destroy All Humans! from 2020, there are no additional skins. On six different maps, which are quite small but at least varied, you also have four different game modes (Race, Rampage, Abduction and Armageddon) at your disposal, some of which can also be played in co-op (Rampage and Abduction). The online mode can be played with up to four people, while the local multiplayer is only for two players.

Splitscreen and fun to play

Fans of games with splitscreen can rejoice, because "Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage" supports this mode, both in Versus and in Co-op mode. In my test, I played with the controller and my game partner with the keyboard and that worked very well, the game didn't give us any other choice. We had fun during the different modes, but it also quickly becomes repetitive, since only four modes are included. In online multiplayer, the whole thing is certainly even more fun with four players, but unfortunately we weren't able to find a game half the time.



At first, the offer to pre-order the upcoming Destroy All Humans! 2, to get the standalone DLC for free, sounded interesting, but quite quickly it turned out that even the 12.99€ is currently far too expensive. There are hardly any players, so you have to rely on friends, the four game modes get boring quickly and the six maps, which are also really small, don't make things any better. There are also various bugs during the game, so that the game is fun, but only for a short time. And even that is diminished if you only play in pairs, because the game rounds last just 2 minutes. So if you play all six maps once, you're basically through in 12 minutes, so with all four modes you won't even need an hour. Maybe the player base will grow when Destroy All Humans! 2 is released, but at the moment I can't recommend the separately available DLC "Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage", as it is basically a dead game and has no solo mode or crossplay features.

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