Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission


On September 28, the educational adventure game from developer Magic Pockets and publisher Microids was released, which I would like to introduce to you today.

Dein Abenteuer beginnt

In Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission you have the choice between two characters, Pava and Avi. You are traveling by boat to get to the island of Maupiroa! where your grandpa is already waiting for you. However, on the way you already notice the first problems, a dolphin is caught in a net and needs help. Your good deed does not remain unknown, and quickly makes the rounds in the village, where from now on you help Linda, who is restricted due to her pregnancy. Your tasks are varied, because you have to take care of the environment and animals in need.

Einfaches Gameplay für jedermann

Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission is a relaxed simple game aimed at younger ones who can already read well and are eager to learn. However, adults can also have fun if they want to relax after a hectic day at work, but don't want to play something that makes them struggle. The gameplay is simple, you control your character and have to solve tasks that range from collecting garbage to freeing creatures that are trapped due to pollution and can't free themselves. Every now and then you'll also have to do small repairs, such as mending a sunken wreck so that pollutants don't get into the sea. Rescuing animals and repairing broken objects is easy and only takes the press of a button, but snapping animals can be trickier, as they are always moving, but with a little patience and a beautiful whistle, you can overcome this hurdle.

Informativ und Kinderfreundlich

If you have taken photos of animals or other things, you will receive important information that tells you, for example, weight and lifespan, as well as a small resume, whether the creature is endangered. You will also receive information with small examples of what constitutes pollution, such as that the ocean is becoming more and more acidic, as if you were biting into a lemon, because the CO² level is rising more and more. Later in the game you'll learn abilities thanks to different totems that will allow you, for example, to swim through schools of springs without getting stung. This in turn allows you to discover new passages and secrets on the island and in the sea.



Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission is a simple, calming and relaxing game that doesn't have challenges or action-packed passages, but teaches a lot about animals and the environment. If you are looking for a game for yourself to relax after a hard day at work or if you want to teach your children about the world and the things that happen in it, Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission is exactly yours. Unfortunately, there are no voice actors, so with younger children there should always be one to read aloud, children who can already read should do fine, as every game mechanic is easy to understand. However, a controller should be used, firstly, this is recommended by the game itself and secondly, the control with keyboard and mouse is not particularly well done. The game is varied, doesn't overwhelm, and keeps switching between tasks so that it doesn't get boring. The missions are short, as is the game itself, so it is well suited for in-between. The information that you collect in the game, I liked very much, especially since they are written so that even children understand it. It might also be a good idea to wait for a sale. At just under 25€, the game is not overpriced, especially not for a children's game, but compared to other games in this price range, it offers too little content to play through a second time.

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