Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

17.02.2018 02:01:24
Mario Odyssey Cheats

Amiibo bonuses

In-game, at any time, scan a given amiibo by holding Right on the D-pad and placing the amiibo on the Switch to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Highlight purple coins on-screen: Any Bowser amiibo.

Life-up heart: Any Peach amiibo.

Random coins or bonus hearts: Any amiibo or amiibo card.

Temporary invincibility for 30 seconds: Any Mario amiibo.

Completion unlockables

Successfully beat the game to unlock the following bonuses:
  • All kingdoms are expanded and have more moons to collect
  • Mushroom Kingdom unlocked
  • Find and capture Yoshi
  • Wedding costumes can be purchased at Crazy Cap stores
  • New NPC challenges and collectible hunts

All kingdoms will be expanded, with new moons, areas, activities and NPCs. Obstacles that blocked you from exploring a given zone will be removed, and Princess Peach will be in all kingdoms, and if you find her, you can earn bonus moons. 
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