Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man

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How To Get All Trophies
Here's how to get your hands on all trophies:
  • Be Greater (Platinum): Collect every trophy 
  • I Heart Manhattan (Gold): Complete all districts completely (100%)
  • Superior Spider-Man (Gold): Unlock every skill
  • A Suit For All Seasons (Silver): Buy every suit
  • Backpacker (Silver): Collect every backpack
  • Cat Prints (Silver): Track down the Black Cat
  • Neighborhood Watch (Silver): Complete all Faction Crimes in a given district
  • Ace the Base (Bronze): Complete every objective in a base
  • Amazing Coverage (Bronze): Activate every surveillance tower 
  • And Stay Down! (Bronze): Complete a level 1 combat benchmark
  • Arachnophobia (Bronze): Complete 75 stealth takedowns
  • Born to Ride (Bronze): Take the subway 5 times
  • Cat's Out of the Bag (Bronze): Collect a Black Cat collectible
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man (Bronze): Complete every side mission
  • Hero for Higher (Bronze): Chill at the top of Avengers tower
  • King of Swing (Bronze): Complete a lvl 1 Traversal Benchmark
  • Lost and Found (Bronze): Collect 5 backpacks
  • Overdrive (Bronze): Successfully complete 10 Vehicle Takedowns
  • R&D (Bronze): Complete all Research Stations
  • Science FTW! (Bronze): Craft 15 Upgrades
  • Sightseeing (Bronze): Photograph every landmark on the map
  • Spider-Man About Town (Bronze): Say hello to 10 citizens
  • Spider-Sensible (Bronze): Execute a perfect dodge vs. 10 attacks
  • Sticky and Tricky (Bronze): Chain together 4 unique tricks before hitting the ground
  • The Scientific Method (Bronze): Craft an upgrade
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How To Get All Trophies

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